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Chicken Run 2000

Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy run a falling short chicken farm in Yorkshire; the poultries are caged in the style of a prison camp with a high fencing and barbed cable, and 2 canines patrol the grounds. Hens that cannot produce enough eggs are slaughtered for food. Annoyed at the "minuscule earnings" created by the farm, Mrs. Tweedy develops the concept of converting their farm right into complete scale automated manufacturing.

One chicken, Ginger, has long had visions of running away with the help of her chicken pals Babs, Bunty, as well as Mac, and two black-marketer rats, Nick as well as Fetcher, that aid to obtain "contraband" from the Tweedys to assist Ginger's plans. However, she is constantly caught and put into solitary confinement. While thinking about a brand-new plan, Ginger witnesses a Rhode Island Red cockerel fly over the fence and collision right into among the cages, spraining his wing. Ginger as well as the other poultries assist to hide him from the Tweedys and look after his wing, discovering that his name is Rocky. Ginger is particularly interested in Rocky's ability to fly and also begs him in order to help educate her and the various other poultries to do the same. Rocky is timid, however continues to attempt to help educate the hens, not able to totally demonstrate because of his busted wing. At the same time unusual boxes arrived containing the Tweedy's brand-new machinery and the chicken's food ration is doubled to fatten them.
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Among the training, Rocky holds a big event in order to help ease the tension, where it is disclosed his wing is recovered, as well as Ginger urges he show them how you can fly the following day. The pie-making maker is lastly working and Mr. Tweedy, that finishes the setting up, right away gets hold of Ginger for a test run. Rocky has the ability to conserve Ginger as well as aids to ruin the device, giving the chicks just a brief time to consider to escape while Mr. Tweedy repairs it. When morning arrives, Ginger finds Rocky has gotten away, leaving behind a part of a poster that reveals him to be a stunt cockerel, flashed of a cannon from a neighboring festival and also not able to fly by himself. Ginger and also the various other chickens are dispirited. Fowler the cockerel attempts to support the hens up by telling tales from his days as a Royal Flying force mascot, leading Ginger to the concept of producing a flying device, called the Old Crate, to flee the Tweedys. All the chicks, with assistance from the rats, secretly assemble the needed components for the aircraft from their cages while competing against Mr. Tweedy's repair works. While taking a trip the countryside, Rocky sees a signboard for Mrs. Tweedy's Poultry Pies and is inspired to go back to aid.

With the maker now fixed, Mrs. Tweedy insists that Mr. Tweedy gather all the poultries, however the poultries prepare to run away. They knock Mr. Tweedy out and also tie him up enough time to finish setting up of their plane. Prior to they take off, Rocky returns as well as joins them. As they are taking off, Mrs. Tweedy chases them down and catches into a Xmas light strand got in the wheels. Mrs. Tweedy climbs up the strand, bent on chopping Ginger's avoid, while Ginger races to sever the hair. Ginger manages to trick Mrs. Tweedy right into reducing the hair with her axe as well as writes her straight right into the duct of the pie equipment, creating it to blow up. The pressure of the getting away gravy demolishes the barn they had actually constructed it in.

Later on, the chickens have discovered a silent island where they could enjoy their liberty as well as elevate their chicks, while Ginger and also Rocky have created an enchanting connection. Nick and also Fetcher choose to start their own poultry farm for eggs however differ on whether to have the chicken or the egg first.

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