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Fat Albert is a 2004 live-action/animated funny movie based on the Filmation animated collection Fat Albert and the Cosby Children. The film was produced by Davis Entertainment for 20th Century Fox, as well as celebrities Kenan Thompson as the title character.

The plot borders Fat Albert as well as the gang leaving the animation world and also getting in the real world in order to help a teenage girl, Doris Robertson (Kyla Pratt), take care of the difficulties of being undesirable, and also not having any type of friends other than her foster sis. Doris took out after the death of her grandfather, Albert Robertson, who was the real-life motivation for the Fat Albert personality. Fat Albert as well as the gang need to reveal her that she is special and that she could make buddies. Yet if Albert as well as his close friends stay in the real world, they will certainly turn to celluloid dust, and also it is up to Bill Cosby in order to help them obtain them back right into the animation globe.

Unlike movies that fuse the animation world with the real world while at the same time maintaining the animation personalities two-dimensional (e.g., Who Mounted Roger Bunny, Area Jam), Fat Albert takes a spin and also transforms the cartoon personalities into three-dimensional people, that have to involve grasps with the distinctions that exist in between their world as well as the real life.
The film opens with an animated sequence featuring Fat Albert (Kenan Thompson) carrying out the original series' signature tune "Gon na Having fun".
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In real life, Doris Robertson (Kyla Pratt) is a clinically depressed teen still recovering from the fatality of her grandfather, and also she is neglecting her foster sister Lauri's (Dania Ramirez) initiatives to bring her a social life. After learning that her moms and dads will certainly be away for a two-day company journey to the Poconos, Doris sadly lets a tear strike her TV remote, as Fat Albert as well as the Cosby Children is on. The tear opens a website between the TELEVISION globe and the real life as well as Fat Albert leaps from the TELEVISION, assuming she has an issue. Then, Rudy (Shedrack Anderson III), Dumb Donald (R&B vocalist Marques Houston), Mushmouth (Jermaine Williams), Bucky (Alphonso McAuley), and Old Weird Harold (Aaron Frazier) jump out of the TV. Expense (Keith Robinson) determines Russell (voice of Jeremy Suarez) to stay put and cover for them as well as jumps out of the TELEVISION. Doris urges that she is great, however the gang intends to stay and also the show finishes and also they have to wait till the next day's program ahead back. They adhere to Doris to school the next day and are amazed by the new innovation like mobile phone, laptop computers, and also the Internet.

Fat Albert additionally notifications Lauri and also falls in love with her. In another effort to aid Doris, the gang convinces some supporters to welcome them all to an outdoors celebration. With some objection, Doris accepts go to. While they exist, Lauri dancings with Fat Albert. Reggie (R&B singer Omarion Grandberry), a frustrating schoolmate with an obsessive crush on Lauri, frantically attempts to make her envious by dancing with Doris. When Lauri does not notice him, he aims to kiss Doris. Doris is offended as well as triggers a scene. Doris ranges from the celebration as well as Fat Albert advises the boy to keep away from Doris. The following day, Doris visits institution, however asks the gang to head to the park as opposed to following her. Weird Harold, generally really awkward, takes part a basketball video game and also is able to play flawlessly. Mushmouth, who could not chat typically, is instructed how to speak by a little woman. Dumb Donald goes to the collection as well as is able to review and remove his pink face-covering hat.
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