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All Is Lost is a 2013 survival dramatization movie written as well as routed by J. C. Chandor. The movie stars Robert Redford as a man shed mixed-up. [A] Redford is the only actors participant, as well as the movie has actually very few spoken words. All Is Lost is Chandor's 2nd feature movie, following his 2011 launching Margin Phone call. It evaluated from competition at the 2013 Cannes Movie Festival.
Someplace in the Indian Ocean, a guy (Robert Redford) wakes to discover water flooding his boat. He has actually collided with a rebellious delivery container, tearing a hole in the hull. He makes use of a sea support to displace the container, after that changes program to tilt the boat far from the opening. He covers the hole and also uses the manual bilge pump to get rid of the water from the cabin.

The watercraft's navigational and communications systems have actually been harmed by saltwater intrusion. The male attempts to repair the marine radio and connects it to among the boat's batteries yet is unsuccessful. When he climbs up the mast to fix an antenna lead, he sees an oncoming tropical storm. When the tornado arrives, he runs before the wind. He intends to bring the watercraft into a hove-to position, however when creeping to the bow to raise the tornado jib, he is thrown overboard and regains the deck after a lengthy struggle. The boat capsizes, turtles after a more 180-degree roll as well as is dis-masted, and also a lot of the devices is destroyed. With the watercraft terribly holed and sinking, the male deserts ship in an inflatable life plethora, recovering whatever he could to survive.
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As the guy learns to operate a sextant, he discovers he is being drew to a significant shipping lane by sea currents. He survives one more tornado but his products dwindle, as well as he discovers late that his drinking water has been polluted with sea water. He improvises a solar still from his water container as well as a plastic bag to produce freshwater.

The guy is gone by 2 container ships, which do not see him, in spite of his usage of signaling flares. He wanders out of the delivery lane with no food and water. On the eighth day, he composes a letter, includes it in a container, as well as throws it in the water as a message in a bottle. Later on that evening, he sees a light distant. He rips pages from his journal along with charts to create an indicator fire. The fire outgrows control as well as consumes his boating. He falls under the water as well as allows himself to sink. Undersea, he sees the hull of a watercraft with a search light approaching his burning plethora. He swims up towards the surface to comprehend an outstretched hand.
All Is Lost was composed as well as routed by J. C. Chandor, his 2nd feature film, complying with 2011's Margin Phone call. Throughout his time commuting from Providence, Rhode Island to New york city, Chandor developed the concept for All Is Lost. [8] After conference Robert Redford at the 2011 Sundance Film Celebration where Margin Phone call premiered, Chandor asked the veteran actor to be in the film. On February 9, 2012, Redford's casting was validated for All Is Lost as its only actors member. [9] In addition to there being only one actor in the film, Redford also mentioned that the film has no discussion, nonetheless there are a couple of spoken lines. [10] Because of these aspects, the capturing manuscript was only 31 pages long.
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