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Great Expectations is a 2012 British movie adaptation of Charles Dickens' novel of the exact same name. The movie was routed by Mike Newell, with the adjusted movie script by David Nicholls, and stars Jeremy Irvine, Helena Bonham Carter, Holliday Grainger, Ralph Fiennes and Robbie Coltrane. It was distributed by Lionsgate.
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Newell adapted the movie script after being asked to work on it by manufacturers Elizabeth Karlsen and also Stephen Woolley, with which he had dealt with When Did You Last See Your Dad?. Helena Bonham Carter was asked to appear as Miss Havisham by Newell, as well as approved the duty after some first uneasiness, while Irvine was initially frightened by the thought of appearing on display as Pip.

The premiere of the film shut the BFI London Movie Celebration in 2012, although it had already been previewed earlier in the year at the Toronto Movie Festival. It was launched in the UK on 30 November 2012.
Jeremy Irvine as Pip, an orphan. Irvine gained the part of Pip, having actually formerly starred in Steven Spielberg's adjustment of War Horse, which Irvine described as his luck, having formerly shown up in bit parts with the Royal Shakespeare Business. [3] He located the role intimidating, yet said that he "intended to make my personality Pip stronger and also much more driven compared to how he's been played in adjustments before". [4] Toby Irvine, the more youthful brother of Jeremy Irvine, as young Pip. [5] Helena Bonham Carter as Miss Havisham, affluent spinster that has used up a life of privacy complying with the loss of her love and also Pip suspects is his benefactor. Bonham Carter was worried concerning playing the duty of Miss Havisham and doubted Mike Newell when he phoned her to speak about taking the component. She was worried about the regular appearance of the character, describing her as a pensioner in a bridesmaids dress. Newell ensured her that she was the best age, [6] as the personality in the book is in her forties, [3] and she accepted the function. [7] Ralph Fiennes as Magwitch, an offender who changes Pip's life. Fiennes had not check out a lot of Dickens' work prior to acquiring the function. Adhering to the filming of Great Expectations, he moved onto one more Dickens-related role, both directing and also playing the author himself in The Undetectable Female. [8] Robbie Coltrane as Mr. Jaggers, a lawyer in charge of managing Pip's money. Excellent Expectations was Coltrane's initial Dickens-related part. He had been offered the duty of Mr. Micawber in an adjustment of David Copperfield some years previously, however was not able to take it. Coltrane explained Jaggers as a "heartless bastard", as well as was pleased to be able to deliver the line to Pip about "terrific expectations", which took a number of requires to best. [9] Jason Flemyng as Joe Gargery, Pip's brother-in-law and also legal guardian. [10] Flemyng was pleased to be able to appear in a movie which he can take his youngsters to see, and also believed it 'd be terrific for the Christmas duration. [11] Holliday Grainger as Estella; Newell encouraged Grainger to bring sensualism to her part. [12] Grainger has claimed in job interviews that the function was the one which she has longed for more than any other. [13] She had initial read guide at the age of 15, and found that it took a second reading to recognize the personality. Grainger had actually formerly collaborated with Bonham Carter in Magnificent 7, a 2005 BBC dramatization. [14] Helena Barlow as young Estella
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