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Pom Poko (Japanese: 平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ Hepburn: Heisei Tanuki Gassen Ponpoko?, lit. "Heisei-era Raccoon Pet Battle Ponpoko") is a 1994 Japanese computer animated comedy-drama dream film directed by Isao Takahata and also animated by Studio Ghibli.

Regular with Japanese mythology, the tanuki (Japanese raccoon pet dogs, Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus) are depicted as an extremely sociable, mischievous species, that are able to utilize "impression scientific research" to change right into virtually anything, but too fun-loving as well as also keen on tasty deals with to be a real hazard-- unlike the kitsune (foxes) and various other shape-shifters. Visually, the tanuki in this film are shown in three distinct methods at various times: as sensible pets, as anthropomorphic pets that occasionally put on clothes, and also as cartoon-like numbers based upon the manga of Shigeru Sugiura (of whom Takahata is a fantastic follower). They have the tendency to assume their practical form when seen by human beings, their cartoon-like form when they are doing something over-the-top or whimsical, and also their anthropomorphic type at all other times.
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Famous testicles are an essential part of tanuki folklore, as well as they are revealed and also described throughout the movie, and utilized regularly in their shape-shifting. This stays unchanged in the DVD launch, though the English dub (yet not the subtitles) refers to them as "raccoon pouches". Additionally, in the English dub and captions, the pets are never referred to as "raccoon pet dogs", which is the more precise English name for the tanuki, instead they are incorrectly described as merely "raccoons".
The tale begins in late 1960s Japan. A group of tanuki are threatened by a big suburban growth task called New Tama, in the Tama Hills on the outskirts of Tokyo. The advancement is reducing right into their woodland habitat as well as dividing their land. The story returns to in very early 1990s Japan, throughout the early years of the Heisei age. With minimal home and food decreasing yearly, the tanuki start combating amongst themselves for the reducing resources, yet at the prompting of the matriarch Oroku ("Old Fireball"), they choose to merge to quit the advancement.

A number of tanuki lead the resistance, consisting of the hostile principal Gonta, the old expert Seizaemon, the wise-woman Oroku, as well as the young and clever Shoukichi. Using their illusion abilities (which they should re-learn after having actually overlooked them), they present a range of diversions including commercial sabotage. These strikes hurt as well as kill people, frightening construction employees right into giving up, but much more employees right away change them. In desperation, the tanuki send out carriers to look for aid from numerous famous elders from other regions.
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