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The Chipmunk Adventure is a 1987 American animated music adventure comedy film featuring the personalities from NBC's Saturday morning animation Alvin and the Chipmunks.
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The movie, routed by Janice Karman as well as written by Karman and also Ross Bagdasarian, stars the voices of Karman, Bagdasarian, and also Dody Goodman, as well as follows the Chipmunks and also the Chipettes as they take place a warm air balloon race around the world that is the cover for a ruby contraband ring.
When David Seville goes off to Europe on a company trip, the Chipmunks, Alvin, Simon and Theodore are left at house with their babysitter, Miss Beatrice Miller - much to the discouragement of Alvin. While the three are playing a gallery video game of Worldwide in Thirty Days with the Chipettes, Alvin and Brittany assert over which would certainly win a real race all over the world. Diamond smugglers Claudia and Klaus Furschtein hear the chat as well as approach the youngsters, telling them that they will certainly give them with the ways for a real race worldwide by warm air balloon, with the champion getting $100,000.

After tricking Miss Miller, the Chipmunks and Chipettes satisfy at the Furschtein' estate, where they are informed the guidelines: each group-- the Chipmunks being one, as well as the Chipettes the various other-- is provided a different option to follow, in addition to an upper body of dolls, made in their own likenesses, which they are needed to drop off to validate that they have actually seen all checkpoints. Upon leaving among their very own dolls, they will certainly receive a doll made in the likeness of a participant of the opposing team. Actually, the dolls being handed over are loaded with diamonds, as well as the dolls gotten are filled with cash, provided to them by the purchasers. Both teams begin their journeys; while the Chipmunks visit Mexico City, the Chipettes are captured in a storm and also Brittany comes really near coming to be eaten by a shark in Bermuda. Unidentified to both groups, nonetheless, they are being chased after by two INTERPOL representatives, sent out by Examiner Jamal, who has been educated by Claudia and Klaus' butler, Mario, of the Furschteins' operation. The brokers calmly comply with behind as the Chipmunks and also Chipettes take a trip to several exotic areas. Both teams assemble in Athens, where Alvin and also Brittany begin quarreling, each asserting they could "out-rock as well as roll" the other. What ensues is a massive musical number ("The Girls and Boys of Rock-and-roll") embeded in a surrounding temple before they part ways in their separate balloons, with Dave and the two INTERPOL brokers virtually detecting them.
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