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Delicacy (French: La délicatesse) is a 2011 French romantic comedy-drama routed by David and also Stéphane Foenkinos based on a book of the exact same name by David Foenkinos. David was nominated for the 2012 Ideal Writing (Adaptation) César Award and also the movie was nominated as Best Initial Film.
Nathalie, a young attractive female is love with a young attractive man, François. He suggests and also they marry (represented in something appearing like a 'dream' sequence), honeymoon, as well as are immediately pushed by household to have youngsters. Nathalie takes a brand-new work, hired partially because her brand-new boss is sexually interested in her. One day, François goes out to jog as well as is killed in a traffic crash. Nathalie is devastated.

After indulging pity from the tragedy for a number of days, she collects most of François' things (reminders of him) in their flat and also throws it into the rubbish. Her family and friends are very worried about her. She at some point goes back to work, exciting her (wed) manager regarding her brand-new 'accessibility'. Time passes. At work for three years and also concentrating only on her work, she has gone without other charming relationship. One evening her employer takes her to supper to celebrate hiring a huge contract and also he hits on her. She is not enticed to him, and tells him so, however that they can still appreciate each other and interact.

One day at the workplace, Markus, a staff on her work-team (unseen previously) enters her office to discuss an instance, as well as she, in a trance-like state, just stalks him and passionately kisses him. He is happily stunned, and later leaves work positive and also delighted, passing several beautiful ladies in the street as they (in his mind) 'ogle' him. That night, he thinks about just what took place as well as aims to picture exactly what Nathalie is doing.

His complication concerning this occurrence is because he is an indigenous Swede (that has worked in France the past 15 years, with his parents living neighboring), balding, a typical looking guy, possibly 40 years of ages, as well as can not potentially picture why somebody like Nathalie would certainly want a person like him.

The following day at the workplace he asks Nathalie why she kissed him, and also she appears to not remember. She informs him she must have been 'somewhere else' and to overlook it. He tells her he could not. She claims her actions was unacceptable and that she was daydreaming, and also he leaves her office. She determines her friend concerning the exchange. The very first point her close friend asks her is "Is he hot?"

The following day at 5 pm at work Markus visits Nathalie as well as kisses her; she is surprised, yet then appreciates kissing him, as they accept. He leaves, as well as she goes to discover him. They chat as well as accept go to supper. They seem to attach well. Markus still could not think this is happening.
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