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Samurai 7 (サムライセブン Samurai Sebun?) is a 2004 anime TV collection, created by Gonzo and also based upon Akira Kurosawa's extremely related to 1954 flick Seven Samurai. The series was directed by Toshifumi Takizawa and also its songs was made up by Kaoru Wada as well as Eitetsu Hayashi. There are 26 episodes, each setting you back around ¥ 32,500,000 (US$ 300,000) to create.

The series premiered throughout Japan on the anime satellite tv network, Animax, as an unique hd CS-PPV broadcast, as well as was also later aired by the network throughout its some others particular networks worldwide, consisting of Southeast Asia, South Asia, Latin The U.S.A. as well as various other areas. Funimation Entertainment got the dubbing rights for the North American release. It previously aired in The U.S.A. via the Independent Movie Channel (utilizing Funimation's dub) in April 2006 and in high definition on Meal Networks Animania HD stations (likewise using FUNimation's dub). It has also been broadcast across Canada by specialty stations Razer and throughout Hong Kong by TVB Jade. The Funimation Stations aired the series on September 6, 2010. It began broadcasting on Adult Swim's revived Toonami block on August 19, 2012. [1] and ended its operate on February 10, 2013.
Samurai 7 informs the tale of a village called Kanna. Set in an advanced globe that has actually just seen completion of an enormous battle, ratings of towns are intimidated by Nobuseri bandits. Yet the Nobuseri are no typical bandits. They were when Samurai, who during the battle incorporated their living cells with devices to come to be unsafe tools now appearing more equipment compared to guy. Absolute power damages, and their regime of fear is raising its hold on the countryside.
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The senior of Kanna Town has actually decided that to shield the town they need to hire samurais to fight against the outlaws. Nonetheless, the town has no cash as well as hence should locate samurai willing to secure the town for a settlement of rice. Three members of the village entrust to attempt to hire samurai. They take a trip to the city as well as look for samurai willing to work, as well as after finding numerous samurai and also having a couple of encounters with the local government, they return to Kanna town to prepare defenses versus the bandits.

The samurai train the villagers in using bows, creating wall surfaces, and construct a huge ballista to defend the village versus the bandits. After successfully defeating the outlaws, the samurai after that release an attack upon the capital to defeat a power-hungry leader who has lately risen to power as Emperor. After heavy casualties for the samurai, and also the near-destruction of Kanna town, the resources is ultimately beat.
Shimada Kambei (カンベエ?).
Voiced by: Masaki Terasoma (Japanese); R Bruce Elliott (English).
Kambei is a wise samurai that has made it through lots of fights, though he really feels no happiness from them. Many of his close friends have actually passed away in those fights, and also he was on the losing side of a number of them. He constantly resides in the shadow of his excruciating and also terrible past, rejecting Kirara after mentioning that his heart is dried up. He leads the group throughout their fights and typically prepares technique. In the long run, after understanding Katsushiro has actually come to be an effective samurai, he passes his sword onto him as he leaves Kanna town ahead of him as well as Shichirouji. He is the very first samurai.
Okamoto Katsushiro (カツシロウ?).
Voiced by: Romi Park (Japanese); Sean Michael Teague (English).
Katsushiro is a young and unskilled samurai who wants to be Kambei's pupil, calling him sensei almost from their first conference. He idolizes the principles of bushido. He guarantees to shield Kirara regardless of what, and also seems to be attracted to her. He grows more potent and also superior throughout the series, at some point becoming a worthy student of Kambei; as well as he additionally involves terms with killing enemies, after reacting in shock the first time. He becomes strong sufficient to disperse the funding's major cannon, and beat numerous outlaws all by himself. He acquires emotional stamina too, and also recognizes some things his true reason for coming to be a samurai is. After turning down Kirara in the long run, he explains to her that he means to proceed his life on the field of battle. After hearing this, he gets Kambei's sword from him in recognition as his student. Unlike in the initial film, he shows more focus on coming to be a samurai as well as improving his skills greatly in the anime (where in the original he was preoccupied with a romance). He is the fifth samurai.
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