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My One and Only is a 2009 comedy-drama movie loosely based on a story about George Hamilton's very early life when traveling with his mommy and bro, showcasing stories that Hamilton had informed to manufacturer Robert Kosberg and Merv Lion. [3] Kosberg pitched the idea of this real story to film writer Charlie Peters, then Merv Lion shepherded the job from screenplay to production, till his death in 2007. Merv Lion's service functioned as one the movie's manufacturers as well as Robert Kosberg exec generated. [3]
My One and Only starred Logan Lerman as George and also Renée Zellweger as George's mom. [3] The film was routed by Richard Loncraine and written by Charlie Peters.
In New york city City in 1953, Anne Deveraux copes with her bandleader husband Danny, their 15-year-old boy George, as well as Anne's somewhat older effeminate child Robbie. After capturing Danny in yet another event, Anne leaves him as well as takes the youngsters with her.

Anne starts a trip across the USA, trying to find an other half to fund a new life for her and her children. George serves as the chauffeur. They initial traveling to Boston and also Pittsburgh. Anne has a string of devastating attempts at relationship. After discovering that a former suitor currently regards her too old to be of interest, she becomes determined and also dispirited as well as chats up a man in a bar who becomes an undercover law enforcement officer. He takes her for a woman of the street and also bills her with solicitation.

At the same time, George meets his daddy who enters into community on a tour. George asks him to take him back to New york city, however Danny transforms him down because he is typically on the road for his work. George concludes that Danny does not love him. George likewise discovers that Danny had sent out money a number of times, yet Anne resolutely returned it each time.

Running dangeously short on funds, Anne attempts her good luck in St. Louis where her sibling lives. The sisters have a very strained partnership yet Anne tries to make the best of it and takes a job at a store as well as becomes involved to the owner. It turns out, nonetheless, he is psychologically unwell and already married. Anne is settled by the guy's family to maintain matters silent. As Anne prepares to leave and also jump on the road again, George asks to stick with Anne's sibling while she goes on with Robbie to L.a. They assert bitterly and Anne, surrendered, accepts his decision as well as leaves with Robbie, that currently works as the licensed operator.
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Near Albuquerque, mother and son obtain burglarized by a couple they learnt for gas money. Robbie phones George to inform him exactly what occurred. In reviewing it with Anne's sister and her hubby, George finds Anne had actually left cash with them for his board and also care. He takes the staying cash and also visits meet Anne and Robbie at a Greyhound bus station somewhere in the Southwest.

The 3 show up in L.a and also clear up right into a worn-out house. Anne gets home someday to discover Danny waiting for her. He asks her if she still loves him and also claims he wants her and the children to come back to New york city. She responds, "I have no idea if I love you however I do know I do not need you." Danny then entrusts an open invitation to return if she ever transforms her mind.

Anne advances as well as the household obtains job as additionals in a flick. Anne catches the eye of the flick producer and procures Robbie slated to try for a starring part. George thinks perhaps his mommy was right the whole time and every little thing will certainly turn out fine. But that evening Anne gets a call and discovers Danny has died of a heart attack. George flies back to New york city to participate in Danny's funeral service as well as gets Anne's true blessing to stay there and attend his previous prep institution on scholarship.

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