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Words and Pictures is a 2013 American drama movie routed by Fred Schepisi. It was screened in the Gala Discussion section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival
Croyden is a high end college preliminary college in Maine that works with teachers for their sophisticated programs that are completed experts.

Jack Marcus is an author and also poet who teaches the innovative composing class. He's an excellent educator that motivates his students. He shows exactly how some very carefully chosen words and expressions can stimulate the listener's imagination to produce vibrant psychological imagery. One certain complaint of his involves the method which young developing minds have been pirated by the tedious interruptions of contemporary technological gadgetry. He appears to be afflicted with author's block and hasn't released any kind of initial work in numerous years. He publishes the institution's literary journal, which the institution management is planning to close down for budgetary reasons. He is a high-functioning alcoholic that constantly shows up late to work as well as is on the edge of being fired. He is divorced and also has an adult kid from his very first marriage, but they have come to be estranged due to Jack's drinking and also general irresponsibility.
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Dina Delsanto is an artist who has simply been employed to teach the advanced art class, which has the exact same pupils as Jack's writing course. Dina was an effective painter in New york city City, yet she now has problem painting or even strolling as well as taking part in daily tasks as a result of severe rheumatoid arthritis. She can no more secure switches, open medicine containers or hold paint brushes. She moved to Maine, where her sibling and also her mother live, so that they can aid her throughout the spells when her arthritis intensifies. As a teacher, she is a perfectionist with no interest in her students' personal lives. She just desires them to focus on creating the very best artworks that they can. She reveals them the distinction in between paintings that simply demonstrate craft and also paintings that stimulate sensation as well. She battles to paint again by eliminating her bodily limits in addition to her own artistic troubles. She finally produces a great of art and also sets it aside to completely dry. She has, incidentally, professed a total disdain for the talked and printed word. She insists that creatively rendered pictures are the only worthwhile media for expressing "reality".

Jack's coworkers and close friends regard him as attention-getting, obnoxious and also charming. Once he gets wind of Dina's individual viewpoint, he prompts a debate with her over which is more crucial, words or photos. Their students are pulled in to the problem with class assignments showing the supremacy of words over pictures or pictures over words. Dina agrees to have her pupils contribute their very own masterpieces to Jack's literary publication. They choose to have a setting up where each side will put on a discussion asserting the situation for words and also for images. The institution administration ends up being amazed sufficient with all of this task to retain his solutions as a coach.
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