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The Twelve Activities of Asterix (Les Douze travaux d'Astérix) is a 1976 Belgian/French animated feature movie based on the Asterix comics collection. René Goscinny and also Albert Uderzo, the makers of the series, wrote the story as well as directed the film themselves; with co-direction by Pierre Watrin and the movie script co-written by Pierre Tchernia, a good friend of Goscinny as well as Uderzo. The movie was directed, generated and animated at Goscinny and also Uderzo's very own computer animation workshop, Studios Idéfix and also is the only Asterix computer animated movie that has used the Xerography Refine. [further explanation required]
It is the only Asterix movie to date (computer animated or live-action) to be based on an original movie script instead of on material from any of the comics stories. Later on, however, it was adapted right into a comic book in addition to a detailed message story publication as well as a series of twelve publications for young readers.
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After a team of legionaries is again beaten up by the gauls, they visualize: "With such big toughness, they can't be human ... they should be gods". Julius Caesar is informed, and chuckles. He makes a decision with his council and also goes to Armorica, to talk with Vitalstatistix. He provides the Gauls a series of 12 tasks, motivated by Hercules (however new ones, given that the 12 Labours are obsoleted). Vitalstatistix constructs their ideal warriors, Asterix and Obelix, to do the work. The Roman Caius Tiddlus is sent together with them to direct them as well as check they complete each job.
There is a comic book adjustment of the film. The English translation, only released as part of an once off comics yearly, was based on the discussion of the English version of the movie and also was titled Asterix Conquers Rome. There is likewise an illustrated book of the movie having the story in text. The story publication is a lot more on a regular basis published and a lot more commonly equated compared to the very uncommon comics. In addition there are likewise twelve rare detailed text story books for young readers, one for each of the twelve activities.
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